Board Openings

The following Board Positions are up for nomination!

Vice President Advocacy – Term 1/2024-12/2026

The Vice-President, Advocacy shall

1. Be responsible for monitoring and advising the Board of state issues impacting occupational therapy.

2. Attend all Board meetings or appoint a designee.

3. Coordinate efforts with the MOTA Lobbyist on advocacy issues pertaining to occupational therapy regulation and legislation.

4. Be a liaison for the Board to the AOTA Office of State Affairs and other agencies as identified by the Board.

5. Coordinate and implement educational advocacy activities.

6. Chair any bill review or legislative committees.

7. Maintain a list of consumer consultants to provide consumer feedback on legislative issues including name, specialty area, and contact information.

8. Prepare and present an annual report at the annual business meeting.

9. Participate in the update of standard operating procedures for this position and the training of a successor to the position.

MOTA board positions run for a period of three years with rare exceptions. Former officers are happy to assist in training new officers and will pass on documentation and materials needed for each position. For a description of each role, please see MOTA’s Bylaws. If you would like more information, please reach out to¬†Jennifer Wingrat, Vice President – Awards & Nominations.