The activities of the association for advocacy are supported heavily by the lobbyists we have employed to track issues, communicate with stakeholders, advise MOTA on political strategy, and ensure that OT is at the table for critical policy making. This is probably the biggest benefit of being a MOTA member in addition to the continuing education opportunities that MOTA provides. If we do not have MOTA membership revenues to support paying our lobbyists for the work they do for us year-round, here is some of what may result:

  1. There would be no activity to introduce critical bills that support practitioners (e.g. we would not have the OT compact bill nor the habilitative services bill)
  2. OT’s role in behavioral health would be non-existent in policy and programs supported by legislation
  3. Other professions would encroach on our practice and possibly impact employment of OT
  4. OT’s role in addressing the needs of the Autism community would be very limited and we would likely not be included in policy level activities, nor service provision activities

If you value your profession and want to be able to continue your practice in our state, please urge your friends and colleagues to join the association. MOTA volunteers are not equipped to manage all of the work that our lobbyists provide. To ensure that MOTA and OT in Maryland stays alive and well, we need more members to join the association.