Directions for How to Contact your State Representatives

STEP 1: Go to:

Find my Representatives – Look up

STEP 2: Enter your address and zip code

STEP 3: Once your representatives pop up, scroll down to Maryland Legislative District (if you go to Maryland Congressional District, you’ll get U.S. representatives and not state representatives)

Sample (you’ll have different representatives listed depending on your district)

STEP 4: From individual representative links, locate the email address and EITHER cut and paste the address into your email or click on the address (clicking on the address may take you to a different provider for your email).

STEP 5: Paste your letter into the email AND add as an attachment.

STEP 6: Hit send and you are done.

STEP 7: Let everyone know you sent your letters by posting to MOTA’s Facebook group! We’re going to track posts and raffle off a year MOTA membership.